Creative Exploring- M's Paint Party


Last weekend I had the privilege of doing some awesome creative exploring with a dozen seven year old girls in the form of a mermaid paint party for my daughter M. We spent the afternoon outside, walked through creating the acrylic on canvas paintings step by step and had lots of fun in between.

Watching the girls take each part of the lesson and apply it in their own way thrilled me and reminded of the infinite possibilities when expressing creatively even when covering a canvas in a single color of paint. The endless options when it comes to placing a shape on a page. The limitless varieties of line work and pattern from a simple marker. All great stuff!

It made me realize how much I miss teaching art and working with kiddos and I am excited to say I will be returning to doing more and more of this. If you're interested in an exploration together just shoot me an email, I would love to come play:)