April, Beginnings and #ichooselove

April, a time for new beginnings. For some, a time to celebrate the new year. For my daughter, the month she was born. For my brother, his birth month as well.

This April it is also the time to make a choice to live with intention. To explore a little sacred geometry. To stop and explore the places in between. This month it is the offer of a new two week class as my gift to anyone who would like to join me for #ichooselove, an online class, a creative exploration.

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Life,sometimes it comes hard and fast

one blow, then another,and again and again

do you want to get up?can you?yes

how?choosing to


to choose love…

over a decade ago i lost a friend, a father, a brother, two old dogs, several pregnancies.all in a short period of time, within a year…

how does one recover?slowly

how does one come back?differently

what’s the secret?love

giving, receiving, being…LOVE

I wrote the above and posted it on SoulRootingJoyRising right around the a year and a half ago. I had just finalized the concept for a fundraising show I was holding in memory of my deceased brother. Just as I was growing more and more committed to this return to my painting, my art, a huge part of myself...

The above explains the conversation I had with myself more than once over the course of the decade that had passed since all of these events started to occur. So the choice for love was clear, not easy, but clear… It was the only way to not only survive, overcome, move on... It was the way I wanted to live.

That left me in a predicament. Love? Crap... how does one depict love???

What does love look like? Is there a universal symbol? Was there a way to use my voice and language as a painter to convey it? What could people relate to because above all, this show, I needed to be accessible for people. For them to feel it, understand it on some universal level. So I pondered... what could I paint to address all of the above.

The answer came quickly, and at me again and again. I just didn't really like it.

"you must paint hearts."


"yes, hearts."


and the answer, "you must paint hearts" would come again.

So I sat with it. I processed it. I refused to do it. Then I sat with, processed and came to terms with it. Then I sat with it, processed it and determined a way that I could do exactly that, paint hearts, conveying love, in my voice as a painter and feel good about it all.

#ichooselove was born. It grew and transformed. The first show opened on Zachary's birthday April 26 in 2013. I have another show hanging again this month, April 2014 at Down to Earth Coffee in Glastonbury, CT. We will have a meet and greet there on April 26, 2014. Another birthday.

I will also be launching a free class on April 26, 2014 that will run for 2 weeks. It will be exploring sacred geometry of the heart and other shapes, the decision to choose love and all the places in between. I'd love it if you joined us:)