Curiosity, Depression and Creative Exploring

Several months ago I was listening to Jonathan Field's interview Chip Conley on the Good Life project and Chip said the following, "curiosity is the opposite of depression". He went on to explain that wherein depression is a shutting down, a closing off, curiosity is an opportunity for opening. This resonated big time.

Chip went on to discuss how he came to this realization after a business failing and that it was the key to recovery. The questions of why and how moving forward really allowed him to be open to opportunities and answers.

I have recently claimed the title of "creative explorer" and it is very much in the spirit of this. To dive in, explore, embrace all varieties of creative expression. To release any old ideas or "rules" I held for myself surrounding "art" or making. To be curious.

I used to be a serial art supply shopper. Buy things, knowing nothing of what they necessarily were or why I might need them other than at the time they brought me joy and I might explore them one day. Some I would play with, others I would not. Eventually I accumulated such a collection that I issued an edict (to myself) that I was a painter, only a painter and that what I should be doing is nothing but painting. The idea of being ok at a lot of things but a master at none started to consume me and I decided it was time to make choices.

Interestingly instead of opening me up to the world of painting and greater expression in that medium it kind of caused me a depression in creativity at large. It was a shutting down, a closing off. I stopped making much of anything that I considered art or craft and time passed by.

After hearing the interview with Chip and the Curiosity vs Depression statement I have been attempting to embrace life with the how and why perspective? So far it's been fun. Right now I'm painting teeny ceramics once a week with my daughter. I don't know why but I like it, a lot. Once upon a time that wouldn't have been enough. Now it is, now I know if I just keep showing up and doing it in the spirit of curiosity the answers will show up. Maybe the answer is fun...

And as far as that fear of being ok at a lot of things but a master of none, I've decided I'm going to become a master of creative exploration. Game on!

Feeling open...

Are you a creative explorer too?