Love and the Spaces in Between

Today my grandparents have been married for 71 years.

I remember the grainy picture of their wedding day. My grandmother a beautiful young bride in a smart looking suit. My grandfather a new graduate from West Point. The story of the small ceremony where she made him a tuna fish sandwich either just before or after the ceremony because he was hungry. They met one weekend as my grandmother visited her brother, my grandfather's roommate at the academy. They courted largely by mail. They married upon graduation. Now, here we are, many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, several states and countries, some wars, much peace and 71 years later.

I can honestly say there has never been a moment that I recall any display outside of one of respect or love or affection for one another between my grandparents which is really quite remarkable.(My 92 year old grandfather still calls her his young blond chickie- I love that he does and so does she I think...)

This morning as I chatted by phone with them I asked my grandfather what his secret was. He said he didn't have one, they always just kept moving along.

Then I asked my grandmother the same question, she shared the same answer.

Then I asked her about this Valentine she made him in 1954. They were all living in Camp Sendai, Japan. They didn't sell any Valentine's there so she made one with her picture as well as the four children. The message was simple, we love you.

She then told me that my grandfather has always kept it in his bible. He looks at it almost every day. We marveled at the fact that it still looks quite new and that the glue has held up all these years. Obviously the message has as well...

The symbolism of it all struck me. That the love was always there. Around any highs or any lows, the love filled the spaces in between. When home or overseas, the love filled the spaces in between. That from the day they met until this one today, the love filled the spaces in between. And as we move forward the love will continue too.

and then I smiled to myself and I remembered my #ichooselove show from last April and remembered my astonishment that in sacred geometry when building out the tree of life with golden rectangles the negative space left behind is the valentine heart. Love fills that space too.

In the sacred geometry of the universe love fills the spaces in between. The negative spaces become quite positive in this respect.

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