What If It Was Easy?


What if it was easy?

Today's my 38th birthday and I'm sitting in the library, typing this on my iPhone, reflecting on the past 3 decades plus. I have much to be grateful for and much to smile back on.

The interesting thing is that many of these items I reflect upon didn't stir up much gratitude when they first presented themselves and even those that did, I didn't feel it at the same level I do now. Somehow my gratitude has grown. Perhaps it is a different lens looking back than the one I use looking forward.

Insert quick story, I promise it relates...
Sometimes when it is time to make a decision and I don't want to make it, I tell my husband, "I don't care." His immediate response is "I know you don't care but if you did what would the answer be."

This does two things... First, it pisses me off... Second, it makes me think about what I really do want. It removes me from my default state of auto-pilot and puts me in to one of active choosing. Exhausting, yes. Empowering, yes.

Ok, back on track...

My gratitude has grown... It's the old saying hindsight is 20/20. I can often look back with much more clarity and focus on a situation than I might have possessed going in to it. It is like I approach tough instances with the dirty, smudged up auto pilot lens of "life is hard". The funny thing is once I am through the experience the lens through which I view things almost instantly changes to one of 20/20+.

Aware of this now, I am promising as I conclude my 38th year, to shatter the lens that "life is hard" and start looking through the other(usually reserved for hindsight) lens of focus and clarity.

How am I going to do this? Always ask the question what if it was easy? I can hear the inner dialogue now (in Steve's voice no doubt...) "I know it looks hard Cassia, but what if it was easy?"

Asking this question of myself will do two things... First, it will piss me off... Second, it will force me think about what ease in any given situation might look like. The inquiry will remove me from that same default state of auto-pilot I take when refusing to make decisions and put me in to one of active choosing and reaction. Exhausting, yes. Empowering, yes.

Back Story(I'm verbose today... It's my birthday darn it...)

Last year I participated in Jonathan Field's Good Life Project. At our retreat in October Jonathan posed the question to me, "what if you could release the struggle?" I have played with this question quite a bit since and came up with this one (what if it was easy?) that suits me more, though for you wordsmiths I am aware is grammatically incorrect. I have made the conscious and EASY decision to keep it as is.

I ask it not only of myself but have used it in my yoga classes and with dear friends like Robin Hallett who did a great post related to it as well.

We're starting a movement, #whatifitwaseasy. I play with it on occasion on Instagram and have more games in mind...

And please... Let me know if you try it and how it works for you.