Stars, dreams, chipped nails, bs???


Almost one year ago now. It has been almost one year, I went and convinced a tattoo artist to scatter stars down my entire left arm. Shoulder to wrist. (You know this is a sleeve he kept saying... Maybe we should just do one to start.) I insisted, he did them, I have loved them ever since.

Just a few weeks ago I was out in a sleeveless dress. Someone inquired about them... Were they new? Did they have a special meaning?

I slowly smiled and recounted the story of my first tattoos, all 8 of them...

A quote by Hannah Marcotti inspired them I said, "When we step into the deepest level of care for ourselves, meaning we CLAIM it, the dreams we never believed could come true start falling as though stars from the sky. Magic. Fierce, fierce magic."

I told the story about them. About my attempt to reclaim my role as artist. To own it. The reminder of stepping in to claiming my own dreams these little stars offered me. I shared it all...

Immediately, one of the other people at the table said, "you know that's all bullshit right..."

I laughed, made some flippant remark and went on with the evening.

Tonight as I sat in the shower(yep I sit in the shower sometimes...) staring at the tattoos and my chipped nails, feeling my tired body, my weary mind, I wondered... Is it? Is it all just bullshit?

The answer that came to me is no. NO.

Absolutely not. The dreams may not fall in to place overnight. Even once the dreams come, once they scatter down, upon and around you, the work is not done. You need to keep claiming them, calling them down.

However... Taking that first step in to self care. Taking that first step in to naming your dreams. Claiming them... Will call them down upon you like stars from the sky.

It will be hard work. You might chip your nails. It's all good. Just feel the gentle settling of stardust upon you, late, late at night. Know the dreams are coming, falling upon you... It just takes time...

Rest easy. wait. they are on their way...

This is what I truly believe...