Gratitude Story Circle- A Floral Mandala


In October I mentioned I was going to be making (and offering to you) a monthly mandala. The one for November was created around  the theme of gratitude and is getting posted today because, well, gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving. It works any and every day.

So in this mandala, configured largely or floral motifs, are symbols of gratitude, thankfulness and other sentiments I felt related.

  • At the center a pink rose, symbolic of gratitude and appreciation; a traditional way to say thank you.
  • In opposite quadrants a single large Hydrangea blossom. Hydrangea sometimes said to symbolize the  giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.
  • Spread(or painted) upon the hydrangeas and the other quadrants as well, rosemary. Rosemary symbolic of faithfulness and remembrance.
  • Blue Salvia mingles with the rosemary in the corners opposite the hydrangea. The flower is said to convey, “I think of you”
  • Finally in each corner a shape mimicking a Canterbury Bell. The sweet blossoms symbolic of gratitude, faith and constancy.
  • Pink symbolizing tenderness.
  • Green the color of nature.
  • Yellow the color of happiness and warmth.
  • Purple for imagination and spirituality.

So this mandala offers a story of gratitude. Thank you for being here, for understanding me or at least trying. Thank you to all the people who have been here for me in the past as well, I remember. Thank you for being in my life, I think of you often (whether I know your name or not). This story if offered from a place of tenderness. softness. May it bring a connection to nature to your space and sunshine to your heart. Most important may it speak to your spirit and spark your imagination.

Thank you!

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