On Clarity and Fuzziness and Day 63


Day 63 of #77Daysofpaintings and each painting I pull out teaches me something different. Some about line or shape. Some about composition. Some about voice, "yes, as a painter this is exactly what I have to say" or "no, that is not at all what I want to communicate as an artist." Mostly they are teaching me about myself as a whole, who I am, who I was. Where I have been and where I am now, slowly but surely where I want to be.

The painting I am sharing today made me realize all of this. Looking at it after pulling it out helped me find the words for much of what I have been experiencing.

There are hard lines, strong shapes, bold colors. CLARITY!

There are soft edges and translucent washes. A fuzziness of sorts.

These hard lines and strong shapes stake their claim knowing exactly where they want to be. Unapologetically. These bold colors radiate knowing exactly what they want to say.

The cloudy washes and soft edges a little less defined, a lot less certain. Room to expand and contract. Perhaps completely masking out marks that came before, offering an opportunity to completely do-over. Perhaps just softening some of those statements, acknowledging, yes, this is valid but has more meaning when spoken softly.

Busy pattern and unexpected color and a bit of a mess. Beauty.

So I'm sitting here with 14 days to go enjoying the experience. Happy to be revisiting older pieces and learning new lessons. Tuning it to the places I feel clarity and opening more and more to those I feel a bit more fuzzy about.