On Sharing One's Work- What If It Was Easy?

This is where I am sitting in a chair next to my sliding glass door after having just snapped photos of some work for daily posting. Making it easy...

This is where I am sitting in a chair next to my sliding glass door after having just snapped photos of some work for daily posting. Making it easy...

I've been sharing a painting everyday now for 20 days. These aren't all recent works, they have been down in my basement in flat files and portfolios begging for the light of day. I could almost hear them when I went down to do laundry. I tried to ignore them but they just kept making noise.

They are works that were done in a time where I was largely painting for myself and only myself. Created after my brother and stepdad died. After we left Colorado and moved to Manhattan. After I had a brief run as a commission painter making big flower paintings to match people's couches. After many things (Before many too).

These works were completed and filed directly in to a flat file never to be shared. I was finding my voice at the time and didn't want anyone else to influence it. On occasion I would share with my husband or mentors but for the most part they were just filed away.

Finally knowing they needed to be shared (art is only real when shared right) I sat about contemplating how to do so. I made up lots of complicated stories and criteria. I stalled. I made excuses about lighting and backdrops and everything else.

Then one day I started. I remembered my go to question of "what if it was easy?". I walked downstairs and pulled a few pieces, snapped some pics and started posting them.

I have gotten a little better at it each day. I honed the process after the first few days because I realized that what if it was easy isn't the same as what if I don't give a shit. Today I am sharing some of my tips on how it has become easy to share some flat artwork in a pseudo professional manner in the event you want to do so as well(please do).

What if it was easy- to share flat artwork?


  • I would snap several paintings at a time on my iPhone.
  • I would lay the paintings on my floor next to my sliding glass door, often flooded with morning light. Soft but light, diffused just enough. No shadows...
  • I would square them on the phone camera as I shoot from above.
  • I would crop each one right up to the edge of the painting in my photo album.
  • I would load them in to an app called Ezy Watermark and place my info across the bottom.
  • I would then place them in an app called instasquarer to place them on a square format with white background for sharing on my favorite social platform Instagram.
  • I would post them there. Daily.
  • I would repeat here as well.
  • I would do it all in a single device and spend only a few minutes each day.

What if it was easy? There is almost always a way to start the process and it might not look like what you are used to or expecting (hello gray cards and white backdrop and studio lights.) but it's something. It's a start, and a start is often the hardest part.