What if it was easy? and travel...


Today I'm honored to have been featured on my amazing friend, Marc Winn, world changer's website: The View Inside Me.

I wrote a bit about the life changing inquiry "What if it was easy?".

I spent almost a week attempting to write the piece for him but kept meeting resistance. It wasn't easy!

Then as we traveled out west and walked through the airport with our two kiddos, car seats, luggage and backpacks the question mocked me and some answers became clear. My 4 year old woke up at 4:45am the morning after we arrived. As I let him watch a quiet show next to me, I laid in bed and typed out the lessons received and hopefully learned the night before and the post for Marc on my phone. Easy:)

  • When it comes to stuff always travel light. Bring only what you need in life. Less stuff to drag on your way means more and better time to play. Do not weigh yourself down. Let your body be light.
  • This can be said for all of the "stuff" we carry in our heads and in our hearts as well. Old stories of " I can't, or I've tried." Perhaps the most notorious story of "I know". Old information leaves less space for that which is new, things like possibilities. Do not shut yourself off. Let you head and heart be open.
  • When possible let others help you. We had flown in to a town in a state with dozens of friends and family. We were struggling with the baggage for no reason other than the "we have to do it all ourselves" belief- an old story we evidently drug along on our trip as well. Do not isolate yourself. Let others assist you.
  • Have trust in those you travel with. Know or explore your own abilities and don't waste your time or energy second guessing what others are doing. Yes on a team we must be mindful of everyone playing their part but more importantly we must trust that they know what to do and are aware of and more than capable in their own abilities. Do not attempt to control others. Trust they will be and do exactly what they need to.

As best I can tell Saturday night's airport trek and all it's lessons seem to me, to be a metaphor for travel through life.

What if it was easy? The inquiry that always illuminates. When you find yourself weighed down, weary, dragging along in the dark of night (literally or figuratively) ask the question and see what you can learn. Tell me here.