My Many Colored Days...


"What's your favorite color today?" That's what I heard the sweet squeak of my almost 4 year old son ask from the backseat as we drove down a wet hill on a dark, gray morning today. "What's your favorite color today Mommy?" I heard as I stared out at the gray that seemed to be swallowing me up. "Not this", I thought.

I glanced down the hill and my eyes rested on a tree ablaze in orange and red as its leaves accepted the autumn surrounding it.  "Orange, Cal, Orange is my favorite color today."

I shifted slightly out of my funk and continued to chat colors with him as we drove and how it is cool to be able to choose a different one each day. How it's neat that often the colors we choose are the same but some days they just aren't.

After I dropped him off at daycare and came home to work I thought of one of my favorite book's by Dr. Seuss, "My Many Colored Days".

It starts, "Some days are yellow and some days are blue, on different days, I'm different too."

Reading it for the first time I remember thinking "yes, he gets me, he really, really gets me..." I remember being awed by the paintings by Seuss, so different from any I had seen before(for the record I still am). I remember feeling a tremendous amount of permission from the book. That he was saying it was ok to have different colored days and that he was showing that it was ok to have different voices in your artistic expression as well.

As I got back to my studio I did a quick self portrait(my first in years) for #inktober on instagram then I got to work. As I worked on other things my mind was a swirl with the self portrait drawing, Cal and his question, Dr. Seuss and really how quickly moods have a tendency to shift.

I saw some foam sheets that had just arrived for the "Paint Mojo" e-course I'm taking with Tracy Verdugo and decided it was time to explore with them. I transferred my portrait to a foam sheet, did a quick relief drawing, pulled out some acrylics and some cartridge paper and pulled the four prints above. Me, and my many colored days.

Now tell me, What's your favorite color TODAY?