77 Days of Paintings- Day 1


I just got off the phone with my friend and former coach Cynthia Morris. I was bemoaning the need for my work to be seen and shared(embarrassing to admit...) and my bursting flat files plus projects constantly evolving. We chatted and by the time I hung up I decided it was time to stop moaning and start sharing consistently.

When? How about right now? No time like the present!

I counted the days between now and Dec 31st and realized there are 77. That felt good.

I pulled this gem from my collection and snapped a quick iphone pic (because #whatifitwaseasy right?).

It is 22" x 24", ink and watercolor on paper. I'll call it 77-1.

and so it begins... 77 days of Paintings by Cassia Cogger. Let's get the party started:)