October Story Circle- A Healing Mandala


A new story circle. I've decided to play with the idea of doing a mandala or Story Circle each month focusing on the symbols associated with the month as well as whatever I feel is applicable. Pretty cool as the maker that I can do that, right?

I love symbols and the way they present themselves. Sometimes I will go looking for something to symbolize something else and other times I intuitively make a mark only later to research it and lo and behold it is exactly what I was feeling at the time. This month's Story Circle or monthly mandala is a little of both.

The piece above is comprised of calendula-the birth flower of October, opal-the birthstone associated with the month and a triple spiral.

Calendula or marigold symbolic of "gold like offerings" once given by peasants to the Mother Mary. These flowers often found festooning her statues. Also symbolic of sorrow or despair or grief.

Perhaps sorrow for the changes that come from the triple spiral I have included as a symbol of transformation. Found in numerous cultures throughout the world it is also said to symbolize eternity, a trinity of one sort or another, movement. In this time of change from one season to the next how can there not be change and a little sorrow for letting go even if it is to something that no longer serves you.

Mandorla shaped opals. Mandorla is symbolic of the overlap, the space in between. In this case perhaps the space in between that always exists in a time of transformation. The moving from here to there. Painted to be reminiscent of opals, the October birthstone. Opals are said to have healing properties surrounding inspiration. Encouraging imagination and creativity. Also said to offer powers of invisibility in situations where you wish to not be seen.

The primary colors are yellow, orange and turquoise. Tapping in deeply to eastern color associations here, yellow is symbolic of happiness, glory and wisdom. Also associated with the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, digestion, wisdom, clarity and self esteem. Orange is symbolic of transformation (perfect right!). Also associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra promoting confidence and resourcefulness. Finally Turquoise, a mix of green and blue. Turquoise is symbolic of open communication between the heart and the spoken word. A mix of blue and green, the 4th and 5th, heart and throat chakras.

I found creating this mostly pleasant but challenging at times. The painting itself went through a series of transformations. I'm thrilled to be sharing it with you here and for anyone signed up for my newsletter, I will be sending out a high res downloadable link so you can use it and print a copy for your own personal use.

Hope you enjoy it. I'm off to play at the park with my kiddos and enjoy the season.