Story Circles at the End of THE Road...

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I mentioned a few times recently we were in Oahu for a few days. We spent most of our time in Ko'Olina but one day my love and I rented a convertible and snuck away to explore. We drove North away from the cities and urban development towards the pineapple plantations, a big sugar mill, Waimea Valley and most of all the beaches on the North Shore. There was a spot on the map called "The End of The Road" with a warning to not drive any rental cars past that point or the contract would be void. Sounded like an adventure so after a hike to Waimea Falls and a Pork Bomber at Konos in Waimea off we went. 

The End of THE Road at Mokuleia Beach was pretty funny. The road literally just stops. No fanfare. No "warnings". No big drop ff of a sea cliff in to the Pacific (I was kind of hoping for this...). The road just stops and there is what looks like a big expansive somewhat barren lava field (I'm no geologist but this is what it looked like to me). 

We hopped out and scrambled down the small drop from the parking lot. Walked across lots of old volcanic rocks and watched some fishermen and a bunch of crabs swarming on a rock. Listened to the waves crash and stared out in to endless blue.  

I started to wander back towards the car and my recent obsession of creating little mandalas with elements of the environment was peaked by numerous little cairns people had placed on the sea rocks. It was super hot and we had already been out in the sun a LONG time but I couldn't resist spending just a few minutes. 

Pieces of coral. Little white and grey metamorphic stones. Charred wood from beach fires that are prohibited according to signs everywhere. A few moments spent indulging in a connection to this place, the little objects making up the environment, and some quick pics to remember our day trip to the END of THE Road. 

Maybe next time we're in Oahu we will drive up the leeward coast side to where to road terminates, just for comparison... Maybe there is a dramatic or abrupt termination there... 

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