And then my palette went missing


Last year I completed an Ironman. Lake Placid. I swam and biked and ran(walked) all the way to the finish line with my love by my side. Our 1 year old son slept in my sister in law's hotel room and our 5 year old daughter met us with her uncle and a dear friend in the Olympic oval at the finish.We held hands and walked to the finish, savoring... each... and... every... moment...

I learned a lot about myself leading up to the race. Maybe even more while doing it...

Tomorrow we leave for Lake Placid again, now a seemingly annual event. My husband is a IM junkie(at some level it is an addiction- sorry- true story...) and will be completing his fifth this weekend(3rd at LP).

I decided to create a story circle around the race for today's post... And then my palette was missing.

So here is the line work, the beginning, the start if you want to liken it to the race. When I locate my palette which will be an endurance event in and of itself (I'm not a house keeper...) I will finish it up and share more of my story.

Sweet dreams:)