Out of Juice...


It's late. Almost 10pm mst, midnight est. I am 11 days in to a 18 day trip. I'm beat. It's been long, fun days, short sleepless nights.

When will my kids learn to sleep on the road???  Perhaps we all need routine and familiarity...

I just sat down to do my story circle for the day, to stay true to my commitment of m-f posts.

I found a circle floating over a circle I drafted a few weeks ago in my bag. A pencil sketch. How symbolic of my disconnected feeling tonight, too many allergy pills, not enough sleep, home sick... Who knows.

I pulled out my black sharpie to quickly whip something out. I felt the tip drag across the page. The ink barely seeping out.

Seems I'm out of juice in more ways than one.

This is tonight's story circle. They can't all be pretty right. This one however, is oh so true.

Off to bed so I can wake up to bold color, another fun day and wet paints tomorrow:)