#WDS2013 and Bob's Red Mill


I posted a Story Circle from yesterday done in Portland , Oregon while I was there attending the World Domination Summit. I painted one day in my friends' garden but the rest of my artistic or expressive endeavors were spent taking notes or participating in other #WDS2013 experiences. 

One of my favorite presentations over the course of the weekend was by Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods in Portland. Bob walked out on stage with little pomp or circumstance. He wore his trademark red vest and I was tickled by the fact that the same face I have seen on my oatmeal and almond meal for years actually existed and was in front of me (and thousands of other people). Bob(I feel like I should be referring to him as Mr. Moore as a matter of respect, but I've known him as Bob at breakfast time for so long it's hard to change my reference) warned us all that an 84 year old man has a lot of wisdom to impart and he proceeded to do just that.

I sat captivated by Bob as he shared his stories, both personal and business related, over the next 90 minutes. He shared highs and lows and the story of his business from start until now. 

Bob Moore was an inspiration. I loved capturing this quick sketch of him as he spoke and any time I need some inspiration or redirection as a business person I'll look back at it to channel some of his amazing wisdom.