Mirth Mansion, Portland and #WDS2013


It's been less than a week since #wds2013 wrapped up, yet it seems like forever ago.

The World Domination Summit in Portland brought together 3000 people, amazing speakers, mass Bollywood dancing and much, much more. For me (a well as most others I am certain) it also offered so much more...

I "Captured the Wow" with amazing lady Cynthia Morris. I got to visit SoulShine Studios and meet 2 of the 4 artists there (thanks for chatting with me Flora and Pixie). I was able to see the premier of Jen Lee's "Indie Kindred" documentary in a room with so many people walking a similar path. Some amazing meals and afternoon Sangrias rounded it all out.

The above was all good but my hosts and roommates are really what made the weekend spectacular.

I was fortunate enough to stay with my friends Maggie and Susan. They have an amazing Victorian home and hosted not only myself, but also three other people. Maggie is the Empress of Mirth and the entire house exudes it. Myself and my roommates all seemed to fall in to an easy pattern of mirthfulness (giddy almost) and headed out each day ready to absorb the wonders that Chris Guillebeau had in store.

It was the magic that happened at this house and with these people that made up the most magical part of the weekend.

One morning we all sat in the garden at a wrought Iron table and worked on some Story Circles. I conducted a mini workshop from my class and really fell in to the process.

The above was done as a gift for my hosts. The color story of the house and garden is replicated in the painting. At the center a huge, vibrant heart. Symbolic of what I feel when spending time with our hosts. Inside the wart in cursive font repeating at random.... mirth, love, love, love, mirth...

The two words sum up my experience at their house, with my friends, last weekend.

Much more to say about WDS at large and that will be trickling out over the course of this week.