day 26, One Things Leads to Another

Big Feathers Mandala

Big Feathers Mandala

Yesterday I posted a small feather mandala drawing I had done. I promised I would be experimenting with the basic form and playing with making paintings in series as it is a way I sometimes like to work...

I sat down last night to do just that and I began to play with the original drawing but not necessarily in the way I expected. I had a larger piece of paper near by and I decided I wanted to do more than I could with it on the 8" x 8" I have been painting on. I took some tracing paper, the larger watercolor paper, and well... one thing led to another.

Two days in a row of posting line drawings. Why? I want to illustrate the exact point above. One thing leads to another. One idea leads to other ideas. One shape leads to the next. Color, movement, sound, etc...

In the basic principles of design, line is the first principle (I might argue a point should come first as it does at the center of each mandala, but that is for another day...). The past few days I have really just been enjoying drawing. Experimenting with line. Heavy, light, Short, long. Open, closed. Thick, thin. The options go on and on in exploring just this one element.

Soon enough I'll want to play with just color and when I do... some of these line drawings will come in handy.