day 25, You Don't Need to Re-create the Wheel

Feather Mandala

Feather Mandala

Many "fine artists" have a tendency to want to create everything from the ground up. Pure originality each and every time. Some even attempt to create new ways of speaking visually. Some succeed, most fail. Why, because certain structures always work. It helps to know these structures, play with these structures, then push and pull and tweak these structures once you understand them.

Historically I have always enjoyed painting in series. I think it dates back to my time in college studying ceramics. My professor always used to say anything you make, make 10. You learn from each one and it is able to inform the next. So, it wasn't like, "Make 10 so you will have 10 matching mugs". It was "Make 10 and see, feel, experience the evolution." Get to know the format, the structure, the experience.

This idea has always resonated with me. Trying the same thing various times, not because I expect a different outcome nor because I am looking to replicate a result. Mostly because I am able to connect with myself through the experience differently each and every time.

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are feather crazy. I started the above mandala for Erica, which is what the first one will remain. However as I worked on it, as happens with many, I realized the basic story, the basic form, could apply to so many women I know.

This week I am working from the basic layout above. I'm not looking to recreate the wheel. I am looking to experiment and play with the above circle of feathers and see where we end up...

The individual stories of each mandala will end up being a story in and of themselves by the end of the process.

You don't need to re-create the wheel. There is safety in familiarity and sometimes this allows you to step in to a place or process more open to what the experience might bring, each and every time you go there. This is all something we will be playing with in the story circles e-course that starts June 21, join us!