Elk Meadow Story Circle, Friends are Family


Today I hiked with my love, the kids and two close friends. We started the day in Tiny Town and ended up heading to Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen, CO.

After a massive thunderstorm and a picnic we hit the trail. As we hiked M and I started gathering rocks. I was amazed by all of the quartz we were hiking through and quickly filled my pockets. I turned around to see M clutching her cargo pants up as they were also filled up with stones. D noticed we were collecting and joined in on the fun...

The hike was gorgeous. The trail challenging "enough" without being too much. The air was cool after the storm. M was hiking...

As we finished our loop, just over 2 miles we stopped and crafted our story circle.

A story of lots of rocks gathered. Of the pinecone set as the anchor point and the pine needles radiating out from it moved by my little bubba seconds before the pic. Of loose trails and silly shoes. Humor as we joked about ritual and swapping blood.

A story of three generations. Of loving partnerships and parental guidance. Of my love who carried Cal most of the way on his back and towered above him as we circled. Connection to the land. Union. A story of 6 people, 2 children, 4 adults all experiencing union as 1.