Flashback Friday, Let Your Soul Howl...

Let Your Soul Howl

Let Your Soul Howl

I did this piece in February, not so long ago. I had been cutting and clipping images out of magazines since August and discovering all that Hannah Marcotti has to offer (it is endless, go check her out...) .

As I followed her prompts through various programs I began to hear my own voice, little by little, rise up with stories to tell. 

Once cold weekend day I snuck out to my studio and made this. I wrote the below on SoulRootingJoyRising when I originally posted it. It still holds true today: 


my howls…
a deep and melancholy pitch…
for the void of relationships i have long given up on
for the loved ones lost due to death or life changing
for the connections cut short or never made because someone wasn’t ready
for the friendships i long to find
for all the places i have been and hope to one day go

a high and celebratory song…
for my husband and children, sister and mom
for the relationships family and others that allow me to be
for the space my art allows
for the friendships new and old
for all the places I have been and hope to one day go

Earlier this week I read a quote by Gabrielle Roth part of which read “let your souls howl”. I can’t say the how or why but I was moved, strongly, deeply, wholly. I knew I wanted to create a piece based upon this passage, or many, and immediately set out to sketch a silhouette of a howling woman on to watercolor paper in black ink, medium of choice and it is black and white February after all.

Not sure what happened next, but… I started looking for images of howling wolves finding one after another. I then cut and clipped and before I knew it was sitting before a canvas, with clippings of wolves, the silhouette of my lone woman and a plan to decoupage. I layered and glued, and drew, and painted. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more. Layer upon layer of howls finding it hard to resist or stop myself. Howling until my heart wanted to burst…

The main process, decoupage, a technique taught to me by my sister many years ago. Decoupage, not something I have ever allowed myself to use in creation before. Decoupage, a process many dismiss immediately as craft. Decoupage evocative to me of so many things female.

As I began to craft I realized this piece became very much about sisterhood. The sisterhood I share with my biological sister out west. The sisterhood I share with new and old friends. The sisterhood created in virtual communities. The sisterhood experienced as I pass other women in the world, eyes locking only momentarily in understanding. The sisterhood I long to share with so many more. We howl in chorus.

and so… i let my soul howl. i will continue too. and i as i did and am and will i hear the howls of others. howls of souls all around me just wanting to be seen, heard, understood…

let it howl…"