The important works...


Tonight after dinner, a long day, hot sun... We all sat out front on my mom's patio. I was carefully drafting something on a piece of paper needing to complete a piece for today's post.

Enjoying all of it, at least halfway... Half tuning in to the mayhem of my 2 year old spraying the hose on everyone. Half noticing my daughter as she scaled stucco walls and peered in neighbors windows. Half listening to chit chat and half seeing the wispy clouds and waning sun. Less than fully present.

Then M my 6 year old said, "Mommy, Draw my picture..." I almost missed it. I nearly dismissed it. I mentally thought I have nothing more than a mechanical pencil and copy paper, maybe another time. Then I got it. She has never in her 6 years made this request before. Fully present.

My beautiful girl was perched up on the stucco wall surrounding the patio. There were remnants of clouds floating in the sky behind her. The evening light just so...

I grabbed a piece of copy paper. Clicked out a bit more lead on the mechanical pencil and spent a few minutes whipping out sketches of M as she posed.

I loved it. She loved it.

These. These are the important works...