The House Above the Trees

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This mandala is for dear friend Eric. A couple of months ago he sent me a book by Ethel Cook Eliot titles "The House Above the Trees." I have now read it a couple of times, shared it with my daughter, told many people I know about it and want to sit down and visit the mythical world created by Eliot again and again.

This mandala is part about the book and part about my friend. There are several chapters in the book set around or above the "great beech tree" or tree mother. I keep calling it a birch tree and since I'm the one painting and that's what I see in my mind when I go there, that's what I am painting. 

The story centers around a little orphan girl Hepatica. She feels lonely and lost and makes her way in the within the within (not a typo) of the forest by spotting a following a purple winged cloud creature (aptly named Cloud) that she spots walking in the "real world". 

Hepatica learns much from her dear friend Cloud just as I have from Eric and this book...