GLP in P,UT mandala

GLP in P,UT mandala

I mentioned earlier that I was traveling last weekend. I was in Park City, UT for a weekend with my Good Life Project tribe. We had some long, intense days. We also had lots of fun.

Saturday we left our meeting location and took to the mountains for a hike. I was surprised by how green it was and how many wildflowers we encountered on the trek.

I took little snippets of different flowers as we walked, sage and bluebells, little delicate pink blooms, big purple pokey ones, and many more.

The next morning I got up super early and did this story circle. It is a token to remember this magical weekend.

Some of the plants for our hike.

Alignment and symmetry.

Bold relationships between objects.

Some unexpected color that somehow works just right...

White space, "unfinished" paper representing the possibility of what can come in and fill it.

Completed entirely with sharpies, something we saw a lot of this weekend. 

Finally in the upper right corner, the "spotlight" there are 33 little blossoms. These represent the 33 people that were part of the weekend, the tribe, our guides, our coaches, their families.

Just like these little flowers grew in tight clusters creating blankets of beauty on the vistas we hiked, we banded together this past weekend and for several months prior to create something magnificent.

I can't wait to see how we continue to grow from here...