Sacred Feminine and Salt Lake City

The Garden Studio

The Garden Studio

The past 5 days were spent out west in Park City, Utah on a weekend with big thinkers and good friends. The setting was gorgeous, the content was amazing, and... I still had to sketch through most of it.

At one point in the weekend I actually excused myself for it. I explained to everyone that by sketching I was actually able to quiet my mind and process all of the information pouring out better. One of my peers immediately said, "ahh, you're a kinesthetic learner". Yes, yes, I guess I am...  Who knew...

This mandala was drafted as one woman spoke of her various dreams of creating a process for women to gather, to create, to explore and reconnect to the sacred feminine. 

As the possibilities were discussed I was excited. Communities circling, women gathering, people connecting and exploring anything together seems far too rare an event these days. I'm not sure why either, it's all so simple and until recently how people always survived, rose up, flourished...

I will work more on the lines, probably paint it eventually, but like some of the dreams my dear friend was discussing this weekend right now I'm just enjoying the simplicity of it. The idea. It will all fill in as the time is right...

Until this magical space becomes a reality check out my Story Circles e-course. We start Friday and already have quite a tribe gathered for it:)