More on the Weaving of Things*


I showed you my little nest from my DreamWeaving class with Harriet Goodall yesterday. It was a class in random weaving and to say I loved it is an understatement. 

Yes, I loved the materials. The process. The tactile aspect of pushing and pulling fiber and creating resistance. I loved all of the obvious parts of the practice. I also loved so much more. 

In everything I work on I love the idea of ideas and things intersecting, merging, influencing, literally weaving amongst one another. I also love the ability for art or craft or creation to tell a story. To create connection between the artist and the viewer, the artist and the artist(yes, self connection) and the artist and viewer to their environment. This form of basketry allowed me to feel all of this on so many levels. 

Great Thanks to Harriet Goodall. I have my box full of rattan, have already been scoping out my neighbors vines, am resisting the urge to plant a garden to grow supplies myself this summer, and have all of my dreams of random weaving incubating in my little nest .

This is going to be fun... 

*I'm not marking the day of my posts anymore. It served no purpose and some how I got out of order so I'm just going with it. Look for the pieces Monday-Friday(I'll schedule in advance now if I am going to be off the grid) and sometimes weekends.