Day 30, Dreamweaving


Last week I was at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. I discovered Squam late last October, stated my intention to go, signed up for the mailing list, preregistered and then went to work selecting my courses.

Ummmm, it seems that through all of the above I failed to realize it seemed there is a heavy bent on knitting and sewing (both of which I have tried but never really loved) and other related textile work. I scanned the classes, saw Dreamweaving with Harriet Goodall and felt a sense of relief. It seemed like a class I had to take! I wrote it down as my first pic as well as a note that I didn't know how to knit lest I be placed in some advanced color work class...

A few weeks later I got confirmation I was in Harriet's class as well as a painting class with Alena Hennessy. Phew... No knitting.

I arrived at Squam late the day it kicked off. I stumbled in to our cabin hurriedly and was greeted by a flyer taped on the wall, it began. "an invisible thread connects all those who are destined to meet". Well, I sure hoped so as I was about to spend 4 nights with three women I had never met and knew nothing about...

The entire retreat was amazing but Harriet's class was really the highlight for me. I feel like she gave so much of herself, her materials, her knowledge to all of us. I walked away truly feeling like this is the beginning of something more for me, the sculptural language I have been looking for but had yet to find. More on this later...

The above nest is a quick little piece I wove together at the end of our workshop. It is crafted out of rattan and honeysuckle, oily yarn and other sticks. It was finished off with a few emu feathers.

At the time I just wanted to play with different materials while they were there. I wanted to keep my hands busy. I wanted to practice the craft as much as possible.

After the fact I realized this little nest served many purposes. It is a souvenir of the class and all the women I shared space with that day. It is a token to remember and feel connection to Harriet. It is a home, a cradle, literally a net for me to lay down all of my ideas for what to do with basketry moving forward and let them incubate.

I have quite a bit of travel up and coming but feel pretty certainly that when I get home for more than a day or two these little eggs are going to hatch, and the birds are going to be BIG!

I'll be posting my official piece from class later this week. First I need a decent picture of it. For now though I know this little nest might have been a quick study I threw together at the end of the workshop, yet... I feel it might be one of the most important pieces I have made in a long time...