day 6, mandalas, art, healing... what?


Lately I am mandala crazy. The above are three mandalas I have completed in the last day or so. I am so ridiculously attached to my compass, ruler, kitchen table and mechanical pencil it's a little nuts. After the kids are set for the day, before I head to "work". After the kids are tucked in to bed, before I go to bed myself. The spaces in between... It's currently my yoga, my vinyasa, the place I find my breath.

I have mentioned briefly in previous posts that I stumbled upon sacred geometry as a way to depict love for the show I had in memory of my brother Zachary. I started reading a little bit here, recognizing a little bit there, remembering bits and pieces from things I have learned in the past.

At first I was really energized by this brand new language I had found. Yet, as I work on it and in it and with it I have come to realize it isn't new at all. For years (damn, decades at this point- how am I that old?) I have pulled out cups and plates, buckets and quarters and traced circles in various sizes. I started my University years as an architecture student at the University of Colorado's School of Environmental Design. I have vivid recollections of painting an Aztec calendar for Spanish class in high school. I studied Mithali painting in Nepal and considered some Thangka painting instruction when I lived there.

I'm not sure what this all means and I'm not sure it even matters. I'm just certain that right now the mandalas I am playing with creating are bringing me lots of lessons. Just like the work I did with the #ichooselove pieces, somehow I am finding order through geometry and healing through art.

There are parts of me, the expressive painter, that wants to shut this all down, discount it as to controlled to be honest expression... but I'm not going to. I committed to you and myself on Day 1 that this is the year of being open to experimentation as a person and an artist so I am...

That's all for now. I need to finish working on our reading glasses store, have a kettle bell workout to squeeze in and dishes to do before the kids get home. Then tonight after dinner and tuck in, before my nightly slumber, I'll be drafting and designing, finding order in symmetry while sitting at my kitchen table then going to bed myself.