day 24, Elizabeth

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A few weeks ago I was thumbing through my daily instagram feed and my eyes stopped upon some pics from @squamlove, Elizabeth Duvivier. I have never met her but follow her on Instagram and beyond...

She was on one of her sun soaked morning walks(which I always love seeing, especially the dogs... I love those dogs!) and came across some Lily of the Valley and snapped a pic. I knew immediately that I needed to do a Lily of the Valley mandala as they hold a special story for me. 

I looked up symbolism of Lily of the Valley and was delighted by what they signify as it was right on target for me and my relationship to Squam and Elizabeth. It is said the lily of the valley represents sweetness and the return of happiness.  It can also symbolize humility.  

I came across squam last fall after hearing a number of people reference it. An art retreat in New Hampshire, not terribly far from our town (1/2 a days drive)! I had been sitting with this knowing that I needed to really return to embracing my painting and artwork for a few months (or years really) and this workshop seemed like a logical step to sign up for to commit to it. Truly a return to regular painting, a return to happiness!  

In my true fashion I was so excited by the possibilities, it was late at night, and I was so jazzed about the opportunities I emailed Elizabeth proposing a class. She did not know me and it was a zany email... However, she was incredibly sweet and humble and took the time to respond and converse about it with me. An incredibly sweet act. 

So as I saw the Lily of the valley pic the first time and thought I must paint it I was also smiling because long ago I was a brownie in the girl scouts. I was a proud brownie too (like I wore my uniform in class pictures kind of proud). Our troop flower, this circle of little girls I was a member of, was Lily of the Valley.

Then I saw Elizabeth post this flower which I hadn't seen or thought of in over 30 years shortly before the squam retreat starts, which to me, seems like a circle of people gathering to create as well.

I am just as proud and excited to be going to Squam as I was to my troop meetings after school each week. I won't be wearing any orange turtlenecks, but I am ready;)