day 3, really... hearts.


So hearts... That was the answer it seemed.

In painting, preparing, creating for #ichooselove I would paint hearts. As indicated in my previous posts this was anything but a "natural" inclination for me.

As I pondered and processed and considered the depiction of hearts I didn't know what to think. I didn't want to be illustrative for this show. I didn't want to be too "pedestrian". I did want to create thought provoking, soul stirring, perhaps contemplative pieces(who doesn't right...)

At the same time, I was pondering this conundrum, to paint or not to paint hearts. If not, how to depict love in a universal way I was walking another exploratory path. I was studying up on the work of Agnes Martin.

I met a student of Agnes' in Texas the previous spring(McKay Otto, incredibly inspiring!) and had a short but magical visit. We discussed her work, his work, sacred geometry and more...

Sacred Geometry, I had heard the term before. I knew the Fibonacci series and the golden section but... Could there be more? I started to poke and prod around the topic. I started to explore balance and symmetry in a very measured and intentional way. And then one day, I made the connection...

Hearts and sacred geometry. Perfect rectangles at 45 degree angles in specific proportions build out the Pythagoras Tree of Life. The negative space of this tree is... None other than... The St. Valentine Heart.

So yeah, conundrum solved. It was about this time I pulled out my ruler and compass, graph paper, even a mechanical pencil... Not my regular tools for creation, and exciting for just that reason...