day 22, Deb

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Another mandala inspired by my mom. I started it the night after my #ichooselove show honoring my brother.

Mom was out visiting from Colorado and sat with me at the kitchen table as I drafted and drew, then painted piece by piece. We sipped red wine and chatted as I worked. This is how it has always been. Me working at the kitchen table late at night, even when I have a studio... Mom joining me on occasion to catch up especially now that the opportunities to do so are so few and far between.

I was just drawing with no direction. I liked a strawflower in the bouquet from Patty nearby so I started with that. I drew some circles and bold geometry and then decided they must be morning glories. Mom recognized them before I even painted them as morning glories too and so they were. 

When I painted them there was no symbolism attached. It just seemed like the right shape, color, flower combination. I thought for a moment of the one place we both knew of that always grew them and wondered if there was a relationship to that.

I decided to go on and check out the morning glory as related to the language of flowers anyway and I learned a lot... 

The morning glory  is fascinating for a number of reasons, the biggest one to me being:

"The flowers blossom in the morning and die by afternoon or nightfall, making it representative of the sometimes fleeting nature of affection. But the vine produces new flowers every day during its growth season, representing the renewable nature of love."

They are said to signify, love, mortality or affection. Classified in many areas as a weed they are incredibly invasive in nature. Hmmm, A flower signifying love, affection or mortality and extremely invasive by nature.... seems about right (the flower, maybe the person associated with the house who always grew them, definitely not my mom). 

So another story circle I can look back on and remember the time, the place, the conversation as it unfolded, this time while I painted it...