day 20, Order Through Geometry


This week has been non stop. they all are. We're all busy. However this week was extra nutty...

Squeezing extra activities in. A midweek trip a couple of hours away. The kids bickering after too much rain and being cooped up inside a little too long. Just a few extra things stacked on top of an already packed schedule.

Then my scanner fell and broke. Then I lost my wallet at the movie theater. Then I started to actually look and consider the summer schedule that is creeping upon us...

You get the picture. I was stressed!

Last night I decided to sketch a mandala. It was the tightest, most controlled, circle of shapes I have drawn to date. My daughter was painting next to me and after quite some time she remarked,"Wow, that's taking forever". It was, and I liked it.

"The very nature of creating a mandala is therapeutic and symbolic. The shapes and colors you create in your mandala will reflect your inner self at the time of creation." My inner self was wound TIGHT and I was feeling constricted.

With each measurement though, a little release. My sharp mechanical pencil and a straight line, room to breath. I drafted out the Gerber daisies and found some calm. I found some order. I felt some healing. Geometry and Art.

This June I am offering a class online teaching you how to find the same. More details coming this week.