day 15, Christina

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A lotus mandala inspired by a woman who has come in and out of my life. Christina and I did yoga teacher training together 5 years ago. We met each other, liked each other well enough, but life goes on and so did we…

Fast forward 4 years, introduce social media and we reconnected. I was intrigued by all of her posts and updates. It was obvious that something had changed.

Long story short, this gorgeous(inside and out) gal had been through a lot yet was growing up and out of it to blossom.

The lotus has a lot of symbolism attached to it. It grows in muddy water and grows out of this environment, rising and blooming above the muck to achieve enlightenment. Another meaning ties in to purification; a purification of the spirit which is born in the murkiness. Finally it symbolizes faith. The lotus must be faithful to rise out of the muddy waters in order to bloom.