Day 11, our sunshine Cal

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This piece came about in a guilt ridden state that I know moms of multiple children can understand. It was a realization after Mother's Day and my posting for M that I hadn't done one for Cal. I resist this urge of one for you, one for you... one for you, one for you... But fight as I may it sometimes rears its ugly head(maybe it was the near itemization of Christmas and birthday presents my sibs and I received as kids that does it, who knows... It just happens). It's not that I don't want to be "fair", it's that I usually just go with whatever is happening knowing that there is always enough for the kids when they need it. That balance will take care of itself... But alas... This is what made the idea occur to me and I am so glad I went with it.

After posting M's, I started thinking about what to paint for Cal. He is currently 2 and the sweetest, wildest, easiest little dude.

Cal runs around the yard doing karate chops and shooting pretend guns crafted out of sticks(I still don't know where this came from...) and yelling repeatedly, "I a bad guy, I A BAD GUY! The big kids run obligatorily and sometimes after a swat with a stick by Cal when I'm not looking they run in slight fear. I just keep taking the sticks away and parking this little sweet dude in time out.

Why do I mention all of the above? Because he is anything but a "bad guy". Cal is our sunshine. A wild and bold, sometime fearless, always energetic sun.

He was a star in the sky, then a twinkle in our eye. Pretty much as soon as we decided to offer M a sibling, Cal presented himself. He is easy like that. Now he is our busy, inquisitive little sunshine in so many ways( one is quite literally in that he wakes me too early each morning...)

As I worked on this mandala for Cal representing the solar power, the sun, the yang energy, that he literally spews it became very circus like in appearance. That made me like it even more for him. Instead of correcting it, I went with it. Anyone who visits our house knows that is what we're running here, and most of the time we're having a heck of a good time doing it.

So for now this little sun mandala can hang on Cal's walls covered in outer space murals(surprisingly mostly finished...) When he's older and participating in whatever daredevil feats he chooses, the design will make the perfect helmet embellishment for him as he flies through the sky. Right now I'm thinking human cannonball but who knows where the future will take him..

The amazing Cal... He is our sunshine!