day 13, Susie

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Mandalas, mandalas... I warned you. There will be lots of them. They have become my morning meditation which also happens to be the window of time I allow myself consistently to paint. So... for now, two birds with one stone. Living the dream and fitting it all in right???

This is a mandala I did for my mother-in-law on mother's day. I am fortunate enough to say I have a wonderful mother-in-law. Susie has welcomed me from the day she met me despite the fact we took her down the Arkansas on a river rafting trip.

Now the details of the piece. As always, the mandala, symbolic of universe, our universe of which she is a pivotal part.

At the center a peony signifying honor. We honor her as mother and grandmother. For having raised three children who love and interact with each other in a way that you just don't see on a regular basis(have I mentioned we moved across the country to live across the street from my sister-in-law).

The color pink, symbolic of unconditional love and nurturing. I've taken it up a notch from a soft pink to fuschia. Her nurturing and love of her family is special and unique. It is intense.

Finally, the yellow background. Symbolic of Susie's seemingly endless energy and sunny disposition.