day 12, mandala for mom

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I mentioned in a previous post that as I move forward with this painting project and daily posting I find that I keep wanting to paint mandalas. Many of the mandalas are inspired by other people. Some are simply inspired due to something a person has said or done or we something we have experienced together. Some of the circles will be painted for in honor or protection of an individual. Some of them are what I am considering mandala portraits. The painting portrays visually and symbolically what this person means to me. This hibiscus mandala is just that, a portrait of my mom and her many qualities.

At the center a hibiscus, symbolic of perseverance, and in the color red, associated with passion. Marigolds make up the corners, symbolic in this case of resilience. Yellow is present symbolizing sunshine (and also reminding me of a pretty hip yellow suit Mom once had from Casual Corner years ago...).

The mandala as a whole is always representative of the universe, a universe, I guess if I'm the one painting... my universe. Obviously, my mom, this bright, bold passionate red flower pictured above, has always been a central figure in mine.