day 10... for my M

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Yesterday was mother's day (I know, I know.... I should have told you last week...). This year I decided to use the day to offer a little extra appreciation to my children and husband as well as receive some myself. 

M is my barely 6 year old daughter. I love this kid so much. She never misses a beat on anything and recently watched me painting some mandalas and immediately asked, "Will you make a painting for me?" Little did she know I had already drafted out a rainbow filled, dot encrusted heart that had just been slid beneath another paper I grabbed as I saw her approach. 

Yesterday morning I gifted her a stuffed koala which she had been coveting from the local toy store (as a mother's day gift from her copious baby dolls... don't ask, it's crazy...) and her painting. I was ecstatic as she ran up and down the hall jumping up and down yelling, "I love it, I love it, I love it..." Who doesn't love a response like that. 

So a little background on this piece. Steve and I suffered multiple miscarriages and much heartbreak in our quest for Miss M. Finally after 7 years of marriage, more doctors than anyone should ever see, losses I don't care to recount, one doc who stated unequivocably that we would never, EVER have children, a wheelchair, some bedrest and legs that looked like the elephant man.... our daughter was born.  

M brought more color and sunshine to our world than I ever imagined(it was really pretty colorful even before her arrival so when she came it was like Wizard of Oz...). She was our big, bright rainbow after the storm. She continues to be even when she sometimes is also the cause (I know anyone who spends time around young children understands this...)

M is bright and bold and loves pattern. She loves color ("Mommy- why are you wearing grey today, you don't look beautiful at all, go inside and put on some color"), she loves hearts and is quite specific on what constitutes the perfect shape. She also loves rainbows. The girl just loves... 

I do too!

This little geometric piece is 100% M and will happily hang on her wall next to the sticker collection that grows daily, the half painted panda mural I may never finish, photos of people and places she loves and whatever she curates in and out of her personal collection and the days come and go.