Glass Bulbs...


Our tree isn't up yet but it will be soon. We always get a live tree so hesitate to bring it in too early lest we end up with pine needles carpeting the living room floor.

I've always loved the process of choosing the tree(my daughter gets to now), bringing it home, decorating it(we are the people who get an ornament on every vacation so it's always sentimental) and spending a few moments each night in the dark staring at the twinkly lights.

When I was a child there were always at least two trees that we got to decorate each year. The one at our house. The one at our grandparent's house. What I remember more than anything were the glass bulbs. My grandfather had a bunch of old glass bulbs from Poland that would inevitably end up in the wrong kids hands, there would be drama, and one would break. They seemed to have regenerative properties though because there was always another one the following year.

We also had glass bulbs at home too. The kind that come in boxes of 6 or 12. The kind that shatter in to miniscule pieces upon contact with the floor. The kind that offer a fish bowl type reflection as you peer in to them. After lots of years, 5 kids decorating the tree at different times, three dogs knocking it over more than once and who knows what other memories I'm missing I wonder if there are any left. I wonder if they regenerated too?

We don't have any glass bulbs. Too many moves, young children, big dogs... Somehow Steve and I must have memories of the glass bulbs always breaking so whenever picking an ornament out the glass bulbs have been vetoed.

Feeling nostalgic, maybe I'll go buy a box to fill in any empty spaces on the tree this year...