Vision Your Way in to 2014, Now with a Friend


I've been painting and processing on a daily basis, I promise. No shares because they're not ready, I'm still playing and figuring things out. However, I wanted to tell you, the work is being done...

In other news, My workshop on December 29 is coming up. Those bolsters and blankets, snippets and clippings up above, they could be yours for the afternoon... Restore and Renew, Create and Vision. I wrote about it before here but I wanted to give you an update that now there is a bring a friend option. I received enough inquiries regarding a friend option I thought it was a great thing to do. Plus, if you share your vision with a friend and that friends hold you accountable to stepping in to it, it is that much more likely to materialize. Just sayin, power in numbers...

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Join your guide Cassia Cogger for the final Sunday afternoon of 2013. Settle in among cushions and community for a time of restorative yoga, creative exploration, and vision boarding - all with the purpose of exploring what center means to you.

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