Platform, Pleasure, a Plethora of P's...


This week I've even busy. Squeezing in some play with crayons or doodling whenever I can. Simultaneously pleased that I'm doing something and bothered by the question of is it enough?

This brings up a questioned poised by a friend in late October when talking about fitting creation/art/painting in to my life... Essentially why?

The question was is it your platform or is it your pleasure? i.e. does it serve as a base for everything else I do or does it come as my reward hen everything else goes exactly or at least somewhat how I think it should...

I'm still sitting with this question and I know I have treated it as pleasure, as reward. I know I want it to be my platform more than anything I have ever wanted before.

This raises the next question, re practicality. If its truly my platform then should it pay the bills?

Followed quickly by is it about process or finished piece. I know often when I work it is largely about self union, sanity, finding calm and after making a living as a commissioned painter for a spell it is also usually at some level about the question, is this appealing? Can it function not only as a painting but dare I admit as a product(gasp!!! And slightly ashamed to admit it...)

Can art/painting/the creative process serve all of the above?

Platform. Pleasure. Practicality. Process. Painting. Product.


Right now I'm feeling very perplexed. I will say today however and really most of this week it has been about pleasure or small rewards and process. Right now that's what it needs to be, and...

Can that be enough?

What I really need is a patron:) and perhaps before that a clear Purpose...