Find Your Center...

Much of this year has revolved around the concept of circle. Point to line. Line to shape. Shape being circle...

As we step in to holiday season and begin the slow wind down towards the end of the year it seems a good time to return to discussion around circle. To share work as it relates to circle. To consider how circle presents itself in our own lives, and then, to draw in even more. To consider center, the point in the middle of the circle from which all else radiates. To move towards core. Yes this...

December 29 I will be guiding an afternoon of restorative yoga woven in and among some visioning and creative exercises. Paint and paste, blankets and bolsters, and time. An entire afternoon to explore, identify and move towards sitting in this space of center. An entire afternoon to consider how you can move forward in to the new year from this sacred space.

Where: Metacomet CrossFit and Yoga

When: December 29, 1-4:30

What else: Come ready to relax and renew, to play and get your hands dirty.

Find Your Center, December 29
from 55.00
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