What If It Was Easy?


What if?

What if the junk drawer you struggled to close several times a day closed easily?

What if the Lego figures stopped falling apart and needing to be rebuilt time after time?

What if the laundry load was actually transferred upon completion vs run 2-3 times after sitting damp in the washer for too long a stint?

What if I could return to this blog, my cybernated studio and just share ideas and new work instead of feeling the need to waste time talking about where I have been and why I haven't been posting?

What if it was easy?

The junk drawer wouldn't exist, if its junk why do I need it? Today it doesn't.

The Lego figure would stick together. Today I superglued it.

The laundry... The never ending laundry, it would be transferred upon completion to the dryer and then folded and put away after that. Today this is happening... Kind of;)

The blog, here I am. Sharing. Moving forward, ready to roll.

What if it was easy? Sometimes, usually even, it actually is.

I'm continuing to explore this inquiry. Full of curiosity. Not only addressing the question of what if but also, how can I make it so.

#whatifitwaseasy, play along on Instagram, twitter or in the comments below. We can all learn from one another on this.

*this inquiry and post was inspired by my Good Life Project tribe and my mentor @jonathanfields. much gratitude for the extra eyes, different perspectives and empowering openness.